Indoor Scorer Tables by Optec

DIGITAL LED SCORER TABLES – Effective Courtside Advertising

Optec’s Digital LED Scorer Table is engineered with advanced SMD LED to bring the highest viewing quality to the sports fans. With the ability to display videos, graphics, and more, digital scorer table can effectively and instantaneously display sponsor advertisements as well as animations to interact with the fans.

This digital scorer table is designed to work with most existing video production equipments available in the market which allows synchronization with other dis-plays without additional investment.

Cabinet is built with safety features to protect players from impacts, and conven-
ient power outlet and LAN port for laptop.


  • Customizable sizes from 8’ to 40’ with latches to connect multiple cabinets.
  • Bright SMD LED technology for sharper and vivid pictures.
  • Dynamic content presentation from graphics to videos and more.
  • Compatible with most video production equipments with DVI or HDM output.
  • Special LED face to protect LED and Player from impact.
  • Cushioned surface to avoid player injury.
  • Built in folding table with room for laptop and drinks.
  • Built in AC and LAN connections.
  • Wheels for easy handling.


Pitch – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

LED Configuration – Surface Mount RGB LED with impact resistant face

Viewable Angle – 170 / 80 degrees

Color Capacity – 281 trillion colors

Display Brightness – 2000 nits (calibrated)

Refresh Rate – +600Hz (adjustable)

Cabinet Construction – Steel and Aluminum with padding to protect players Convenient AC and LAN connections Folding table and wheels

Power – 120-240VAC

Communication – CAT5e or Fiber Optic


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