What does MUTCD stand for & why is it so important?

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD): This manual establishes minimum standards of placement that a sign must achieve to accomplish readability and conspicuity. The manual covers a range of traffic control devices; specifically signs, which it breaks into three categories-guide signs, warning signs, and directional signs. It is based on the principle that signage deficiencies cause traffic accidents.




Don’t be left in the dark!! LED Lot Light Retrofit.

Don’t be left in the dark!! LED Lot Light Retrofit. 80% less energy consumption. More reliable & durable plus 5 year parts warranty!

LED Conversion

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Indoor Scorer Tables by Optec

DIGITAL LED SCORER TABLES – Effective Courtside Advertising

Optec’s Digital LED Scorer Table is engineered with advanced SMD LED to bring the highest viewing quality to the sports fans. With the ability to display videos, graphics, and more, digital scorer table can effectively and instantaneously display sponsor advertisements as well as animations to interact with the fans.

This digital scorer table is designed to work with most existing video production equipments available in the market which allows synchronization with other dis-plays without additional investment.

Cabinet is built with safety features to protect players from impacts, and conven-
ient power outlet and LAN port for laptop.


  • Customizable sizes from 8’ to 40’ with latches to connect multiple cabinets.
  • Bright SMD LED technology for sharper and vivid pictures.
  • Dynamic content presentation from graphics to videos and more.
  • Compatible with most video production equipments with DVI or HDM output.
  • Special LED face to protect LED and Player from impact.
  • Cushioned surface to avoid player injury.
  • Built in folding table with room for laptop and drinks.
  • Built in AC and LAN connections.
  • Wheels for easy handling.


Pitch – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

LED Configuration – Surface Mount RGB LED with impact resistant face

Viewable Angle – 170 / 80 degrees

Color Capacity – 281 trillion colors

Display Brightness – 2000 nits (calibrated)

Refresh Rate – +600Hz (adjustable)

Cabinet Construction – Steel and Aluminum with padding to protect players Convenient AC and LAN connections Folding table and wheels

Power – 120-240VAC

Communication – CAT5e or Fiber Optic


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FCS at Tavern League of WI Convention & Trade Show

TLW 80th Annual Fall Convention & Trade Show

October 5-8, 2015

Radisson Paper Valley Hotel, Appleton, WI

The TLW Convention and Trade Show is attended by over 500 business owners.

Once again Fox Cities Sign & Lighting Services, along with Chad Engstom, Optec Displays, Inc., Regional Sales Manager, is on the spot supporting the Tavern League of Wisconsin and it’s 5,000 members.

Stop by Fox Cities Sign’s booth and register to WIN a custom promotional 3′ x 8′ banner for your business! Need signage or an electronic message center? We are here to make that happen. Just need service to your sign? We do that too.

AMAZING food and endless drink sampling combined with Wisconsin’s friendliest folk you will ever find, you can’t go wrong with this trade show!

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LED Lot Light & Wall Pack Conversions

Fall is on it’s way & days are getting shorter.

Make sure your business is well LIT!

  • Requires 75%-90% less power than typical HID
  • 5 Year warranty on entire fixture
  • Includes free ROI analysis





Offer Valid With Signed Contracts. Not Valid On Previously Quoted Projects. Some Restrictions May Apply.
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Does Your Sign Need A Bath?

Depending on your signs location affects how quickly grime will accumulate.  A good regiment would be to clean the outside of your sign monthly and the inside every year or so.

Having your signs cleaned helps maintain the luster, bright color, and the overall sharp appearance for many years. Dirt and dust accumulates slowly on signs and the day-to-day change may not be noticed. However, the change in color, visual appearance, and the loss of sign brightness from this accumulation can become significant in a relatively short time. Contaminants may also cause premature wear and staining of the product.

If you decide to take on this maintenance yourself here are some important tips:

Outside Sign Cleaning

  • Make sure to only use mild soapy water.  Strong chemicals like bleach can damage your sign or graphics.
  • Use soft clean cloths. Anything else has the strong potential to damage your sign.
  • Make sure to clear the drain holes located at the bottom of your sign.

Inside Sign Cleaning

  • #1 TURN OFF THE SIGN! Make sure NO electricity is going to your sign.
  • Same rules apply when cleaning the inside of your sign, mild soap, soft clean cloths.
  • Most signs will have screws that hold the faces on. Once you have removed the faces you can get to work cleaning.
  • Make sure to replace any rusted or broken screws.
  • Make sure to check over for dry-rot or breakage. The sooner you catch wear & tear the easier on your bank account!

Clean signs attract more customers and give a good impression of your business. If you would prefer to leave this task to the professionals we can help! We would be more than happy to maintain your signs!